Medical Transcription


One of Uni Scrip Services objectives is to change the transcription paradigm, from documentation to making the documents active clinical information. Prioritizing document types, automating management of turnaround, workflow expertise and skilled specialists enable Uni Scrip Services to create a new level of document response time.

With its state of the art transcription systems, our tools for document management are among the best in the industry. Uni Scrip Services provides the fastest possible availability of electronic medical chart information where and when you need it.

Uni Scrip Services can produce documents using Microsoft Word on workstations running on Windows XP. Each MT has a personal workstation equipped with a 32-bit sound card and a Philips digital headphone for amazing clarity and a choice of three audio players.


  • Chart notes.
  • Progress notes.
  • Follow up notes.
  • History & physical reports.
  • Initial office evaluation.
  • Consultation reports.
  • Discharge summaries.
  • SOAP notes.
  • Letters.


Documents are delivered with an average minimum accuracy of 98.5%. In certain types of documents, accuracy is 100%.

HOW Uni Scrip Services DOES IT?

We have carefully selected our MTs and our editors. There is an abundance of English speaking workforce available in Hyderabad and it is from this group that our MTs are filtered and selected by subjecting them to medical and English language tests. Our editors too are pioneers in this field and have extensive experience in editing. They are well trained, motivated and take a keen interest in their work. They too believe that quality alone will ensure survival in today’s challenging world.

Uni Scrip Services staff are Members of