The production facility is set up in an area approximately 3,000 square feet area. It is centrally located thus making it easily accessible by any mode of transportation. The air-conditioned interiors are aesthetically designed to provide maximum comfort to the Transcriptionists and editors. Adequate backups are available at each stage of production including Internet, system, and battery backup in case of power failure. Our work area houses 43 workstations and one server. Should the need arise, additional 13 workstations can be set up quickly as network infrastructure is existing. /p>

Voice files are downloaded from our FTP site. Within minutes, we can download huge volumes of data. Documents are uploaded to FTP site using 128-bit encryption Secured Socket Layer (SSL).

Means of data communication 1 Mbps DSL and 2X512 Kbps Broadband connection
# Of workstations 43 having Windows XP with 512 MB & 80 GB
# Of MTs on rolls 25
# Of editors 11
Production capacity 12,500 lines per day presently with an installed capacity of 25,000 lines per day


Uni Scrip Services follows a three-tier system of administration for effective and accurate monitoring of the workflow with the following set up:
  • Base level production by MTs.
  • Second level check by proofreaders.
  • Third level check for formatting, spacing, etc.
  • Fourth and final level of QA performed by editor.

All work is backed up and stored which affords us the ability to fax or e-mail you a transcript copy if replacement is ever needed, for any reason.


Server Win 2003 server with Intel® Pentium® 4 with 533 MHz FSB 3.06 GHZ HT EM 64T (Intel p4 524) 500GB SATA & 2GB RAM
Software Microsoft Office XP with Word 2003, Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary, Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference 2010 version, Zip Express and audio players for WAV, VOX, DSS,DVF,MSV,MP3, etc. voice formats.

Uni Scrip Services staff are Members of