HIPAA Compliance

  • Maintain Privacy, Confidentiality, integrity of PHI as per the requirement of HIPAA
  • Our Domain expertise, technology capabilities allow us to deliver services that are HIPAA compliant, through
  • Designated compliance officer who coordinates, monitors and maintains the compliance
  • At regular intervals we conduct Compliance Training Programs for all employees to further ensures awareness and ethical work standards
  • Written/adopted privacy and security strategy/policies
  • Access to applications/databases defined on 'need to know' and 'minimum necessary' basis

Access control

  • Access cards and Identity cards for all Employees
  • CCTV monitoring (????)
  • Screening with metal detectors
  • 24x7 Guard systems

Administrative Safeguards

  • Employee reference checks
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Our health care services employees receive privacy and confidentiality training as a mandate by HIPAA

Technical Safeguards

  • Access to applications/databases defined on 'need to know' and 'minimum necessary' basis.
  • Password Protected Systems and firewall protected network.
  • Restrictions on the usage of external storage devices like floppies, CD drives, or USB drives.
  • VPN, Decryption , Encryption

Contingency Planning

  • Data back-up planning
  • Disaster recovery plan

There is a thorough understanding of PHI Privacy and Security. It is also well known that HIPAA makes constant changes as it incorporates or discards certain practices.

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