Medical Billing Services

Uniscrip LLC Medical Billing Services ensures the elimination of unnecessary claim denials and delays through a complete integration of workflow, billing and reimbursement management. Through a dedicated hierarchy of experienced billing/coding professionals, supervisors and quality control departments we ensure that you achieve the highest A/R ratio possible.

Electronic Claim submission

Electronic data interchange increases payment rates and reduces A/R times.

Paper claims submission

Faster Submission of Secondary paper claims to secondary Insurance.

Resubmission and correction of rejected claims

The Rejected Claims are submitted on the same day

Patient accounting

We'll monitor patient accounts and identify those who fail to make regular and adequate payments

Patient statements

Patient Statements are mailed every week to ensure the proper patient balance collections

Superbill design

Expert and experienced Coders/Billers will work with you closely and design the Superbill

Full range of reports

You’ll receive regular production reports that include the count, total charges, total payments, and total adjustments for each procedure billed during the month. We'll also provide a summary of each month's accounts receivable.

Payer Contract Review

We will review your payer contracts to ensure that the terms are fair and appropriate

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